Abdulla Darrat

An urban planner and real estate professional with expertise integrating community-responsive activity into innovation and urban redevelopment, Abdulla has work experience and academic credentials across multiple disciplines: housing finance, architecture, urban planning and design, community development, heritage regeneration and construction.

Trained as an architect at the University of Texas at Austin and as an urban planner at Harvard University, Abdulla has extensive experience working in multidisciplinary teams in architecture, community development and affordable housing. Abdulla also spent a year in Morocco as a Fulbright Scholar, where he examined the emergence of institutionalized participatory planning initiatives in the Old City of Fez, focusing on community-based preservation policies. Abdulla’s current focus is in the affordable housing world–working with both nonprofit and for-profit developers–where his skills are focused on the complex financing structures and community demands associated with the development of multifamily affordable housing. In these pursuits, Abdulla has worked around the world on projects in North Africa, Kenya, the Arabian Gulf, New York City and the southern United States.