Andrea Betancourt

Andrea Betancourt is an urban planner and international development practitioner who has led projects to support municipal policy, socioeconomic development and sustainability planning in countries worldwide. Her expertise focuses on urban governance and sustainability, covering topics of urban security, cultural heritage, solid waste management, informal labour in urban settings and environment and development planning. She has collaborated with international organizations including the International Labor Organization, the World Trade Organization, The World Bank and WWF International on research, advocacy and international cooperation projects.

As a skilled communicator, Andrea deploys bilingual skills in Spanish and English, and professional French for high-level writing and presentations. She holds advanced degrees from MIT, Bryn Mawr, and studies at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO Ecuador). Through her academic and professional career, Andrea has accrued research rigor as well as project management skills. More recently, Andrea and her Alarife partners have actively supported the World Bank and the Inter-American Development on developing urban reviews for Colombia, Mexico and the Ivory Coast, and a housing indicators database in 5 Latin American countries, respectively.

In the recent years, Ms. Betancourt has participated Simultaneously, she collaborated with her Alarife partners on a social and poverty impact analysis in Bogota, Colombia, developed for the World Bank.