Heritage Regeneration & Cultural Resource Management

AUA specializes in integrating heritage regeneration with robust social and economic initiatives. We bring to our projects years of experience in the field and have worked on a range of historic cities and cultural landscapes in the Middle East, Latin America, South Asia, East Asia, and North America.

AUA’s work taps the potential of cultural heritage to enlist a variety of actors, expertise and markets in the development effort. Our past work has expanded the framework of possibilities for projects through creating management and implementation frameworks for cultural landscapes, planning heritage corridors, designing and implementing adaptive re-use projects, coordinating multi-agency efforts, and consulting on sustainable tourism and visitor education projects.

AUA is committed to ensuring the continuity of cultural heritage and to sustaining the rich dialogue between the past and the present. Our work has engaged these values through historic resource surveys, building design and restoration, site research and analyses, as well as strategic preservation planning.

Long-term stewardship requires strong linkages between the physical world of material heritage and the social world of people. At AUA our work has allowed us to partner with local communities and stakeholders to help engender the locally-directed preservation of their cultural heritage. Among the successful connections we have fostered between tangible and intangible heritage have been K-12 place-based educational programming, natural landscape conservation, public space upgrading, cultural mapping, and participatory processes for inclusive neighborhood regeneration.

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