Restructuring the Cuban housing delivery process to improve living conditions in Havana

AUA identified the high tenure security of Havana residents and the Cuban government’s access to enormous land assets in Centro Havana as the main points to leverage for improving housing in Centro Havana.  Of particular importance is the Malecon, the city’s main east-west axis and a major tourist attraction, which could provide much of the incentive for future investment in Centro Havana and can become a key asset to leverage in order to finance housing improvements.  AUA partners made recommendations for structural changes that would allow tourism investment to be funneled into Centro Havana in-light of uncertainties about Cuba’s political-economic future.  Ultimately, AUA partners performed an in-depth case study on a 7-block section of Centro Havana to describe possible implementation strategies that would protect Centro Havana’s historic fabric and provide design guidelines for improving living conditions.

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