Technical Support

The team at AUA is fluent in the most up-to-date ‘hard skills,’ providing our clients with cutting-edge output and analysis through the following services:

Statistical analysis and modeling regressions, spatial regressions, and analysis, with proficiency in the following programs:  STATA, SPSS, STATA, GEODA, Excel

Geographical representations and analysis geodatabases and GIS, with proficiency in the following programs:  ARCGIS, GEODA, CAD

Graphic representation and design graphic concepts, maps, presentations, animated tours, tables, technical drawings, online applications, and web design, etc.

Professional document writing and editing in English, Arabic and Spanish by native speakers in our well-educated, and technically fluent AUA team.

Expert translation and interpretation planning and development vocabularies are a language of their own, no matter the mother tongue.  With expertise accumulated from extensive on-site work throughout Latin America and the Middle East, we offer professional translations and simultaneous interpretation services available for Arabic, English and Spanish project documents or materials.