Research & Analysis

AUA offers rigorous and targeted investigation and analysis in three continents and four languages.


  • Original research from Arabic, Spanish, French and English sources. Experience in academic publications, commercial-ready writing, and community-based productions
  • Site histories and narratives
  • Research papers and editorials


World-class thinking and writing in English, Arabic or Spanish.

  • As graduates from the top US universities and as experienced professionals we are fluent in the written styles appropriate for business communication, analyses, proposals, reports, as well as academic research.



  • Physical site research
  • Community needs assessments
  • Data analysis and reports
  • Survey design and coordination
  • Focus group design and coordination
  • Economic and market research
  • Heritage assets analysis
  • Formal historic survey coordination
  • Narrative documentation
  • Informal histories and intangible heritage survey
  • Local capacity enhancement studies
  • Financial feasibility and property development
  • Land use and qualitative / GIS analysis – GEODA