Andrea Betancourt


Andrea Betancourt is an urban planner and international development practitioner who has led projects to support municipal policy, socioeconomic development and sustainability planning in countries worldwide. Her expertise focuses on urban governance and sustainability, covering topics of urban security, cultural heritage, solid waste management, informal labour in urban settings and environment and development planning…..find out more about Andrea

Abdulla Darrat


An urban planner and real estate professional with expertise in integrating community-responsive activity into innovation and urban redevelopment, Abdulla has work experience and academic credentials across multiple disciplines: housing finance, architecture, urban planning and design, community development, heritage regeneration and construction…find out more about Abdulla

Bernadette Baird-Zars

bbairdzars @ alarifeassociates.com

Bernadette brings years of senior project management and research leadership to Alarife’s work on urban land development, affordable housing, and municipal governance. Through public and entrepreneurial efforts to make cities more equitable, she has brought grounded expertise successful plans for low-income housing, finance, and public-private collaborations for innovative land assembly and development…..find out more about Bernadette