Alarife’s Bernadette Baird-Zars is presenting a paper entitled “Using Evidence-Based Global Housing Indicators for Policy Evaluation of Rental Housing and Vacant Properties” at the Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty, held between April 8th and 11th of this year.  Bernadette’s co-authors were Jane Katz and Maria Luisa Alvarado of Habitat for Humanity Cesar Bouillon Buendia and Ophelie Chevalier of the IADB and Naveen Jawaid, a former DUSP colleague.
Here’s the abstract, but you can read the full first draft on the conference website. 

Secure, formal, and affordable rental housing is a crucial component of healthy housing markets, especially for the urban poor. In Latin America, the rental housing sector has remained underdeveloped, in part due to decades of homeownership-focused regulations and subsidies. Using a comparative policy framework, this paper provides an initial snapshot of the enabling environment for rental in five major Latin American cities profiled in the recently-launched Global Housing Policy Indicators platform. Analysis of the indicators, situated in additional city-specific studies and data, confirms a persistent policy bias towards new homeownership in the subsidy programs, regulations, and institutions impacting housing in the five cities. All five rental markets suffer from persistent gaps of secure and formal rental options, particularly for low-income households and vulnerable populations. As the need for affordable and accessible housing becomes increasingly acknowledged and prioritized by national policy-makers, standardized global policy indicators can provide a critical ‘wide-lens’ approach that, grounded in localized market and case-study findings, can pinpoint key subsidy and regulatory changes to enable sector growth. Further, new tools, such as developing centrally-located vacant or underutilized housing, buildings and land into healthy rental units, could unlock immediate opportunities to decrease housing deficits.



Alarife co-authored paper on rental & indicators now posted; written with Habitat for Humanity, IADB & presented at 2013 WB Land and Poverty Conference

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