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  • Las ciudades y zonas urbanas de América Latina enfrentan grandes retos en materia de empleo, conservación ambiental y la generación de recursos fiscales propios, dijo un experto del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), Juan Ellis. More »

  • Everybody says it's just about time for the next big 'zilzal', but hopefully seismic tremors will stay this way: light (3.2) and short (10 seconds).  Hama is one of the few towns in Syria with less extensive informal settlements, and no physical damage reported yet. More »

  • As of a few months ago, a progressive inclusionary zoning drafted by the Urban Planning Council been put into law. So far it only applies for rental properties, and mandates that 20% of all projects over 75,000 m2 be reserved for low and middle-income households. But how well will it be enforced? What will be the long-term impacts on the housing market? See the project documents in Arabic and English here: More »

  • Bienvenidos أهلاً واسهلاً بكم... Arabic and Spanish versions of the site are in progress - check back soon.Read More »

  • Browse the site to see examples of some projects we've worked on. Please write us with comments or questions - we'd love to hear from you. Keep visiting to catch up on our latest news and ideas.Read More »